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Roris Meaning in Urdu

Roris   شبنم ۔ اوس ۔
Similar words
Roris شبنم ۔ اوس ۔
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Englishintourdudictionary.com is first online english to urdu dictionary on the web that offers free english to urdu dictionary services to help students and other people in learning english in their native language i.e. urdu. We all know dictionary is an important tool in learning any language. As with the help of dictionary one can easily find meaning of difficult words. Online dictionary makes this search more easy as we don't need to keep heavy dictionary books with us, the only thing we require is a pc or mobile having internet connection.
   This is the century of computer and it is impossible to get benefit from it without having command over English language. Now a days people from all over the world including Pakistan are inclining towards the English language to communicate with others and achieve higher and professional education. English into urdu dictionary is launched to help urdu speaking people in learning English and increasing their vocabulary. It has beautiful urdu font along with bold and clearly visible english letters. Recent searches and a new word on every page load are the main features of this dictionary.
Mag Urdu Meaning
میگزین کا اختصار ۔ رسالہ ۔ ڈائیجسٹ ۔
Zoroastrians Urdu Meaning
زمانی اتفاق ۔ دو باتوں کا خصوصاً بغیر کسی منطقی سبب کے ایک ساتھ واقع ہونا ۔ جو کسی لحاظ سے عجیب یا معنی خیز ہو ۔
Kevlar Urdu Meaning
ایک تنشی مصنوعی ریشہ جو خصوصاً ربڑ کی مصنوعات مثلاً ٹائروں کی ساخت میں شامل کیا جاتا ہے ۔
Decker Urdu Meaning
کاغذ سازی ) ماوا کو کاغذ بنانے کی مشین میں دینا ۔
Devotion Urdu Meaning
.: زہد۔ عبادت۔ ریاضت۔ بندگی۔ عبودیت۔ پرستش۔ تپشیا۔ جوگ۔ تپ۔ تصدق۔
Churlish Urdu Meaning
گنوار کی طرح٬ گستاخ٬ خود غرض